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Upcoming Events

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9th Annual Couples Scramble

February 14, 2016

9th Annual Couples

Valentine Scramble


Sunday; February 14, 2016  

Deadline   Friday, February 12th @ 5:00 PM
18 Holes two-person team scramble. Team score will be based on actual score with 30% of combined team handicap with no more than a 15 shot differential) The higher hdcp will be reduced if it exceeds the 15 shot limit.
Flights will be made with 10 teams or more.  Closest to the pin prizes will be on #5 (Ladies) and #13 (Men)
TEES:       Men: under 60 play White (0 hdcp adjustment), 60-69 play Black (-4 hdcp adjustment), 70 + play red (-5 hdcp adjustment),Women under 60 play Red 0 adjustment), Women 60+ play green (-6 hdcp adjustment)
Entry Fee: $10.00 + cart fee members
Entry Fee: $20 + cart fee for non-members
12:30 p.m. Shotgun Start
Entry Forms are in the TV Room.


March 28, 2016
7:00am - 11:00am

Drilling the greens for maintenance purposes
Check with Pro Shop for available tee times

NF Optimist

April 2, 2016
10:30am - 12:00pm

Invitation only

Spring League Begins

April 7, 2016

Cypress Lakes Golf Club               BEGINS   April 7th
Spring Golf League
Rules & Regulations

¨      Format: Two person 9-hole scramble.

¨      Team handicap: 15% of teams combined handicap for the first two weeks. After that your handicap will be based on the lowest team’s average score. After the fourth week, we will only use the best 3 of your last four scores.
¨      Maximum handicap: The maximum handicap is 25. If your handicap is above 25 you will be lowered to meet the maximum. 
¨      Tees: Men (under 60)…White; Men (60+)…Black;
¨      Women (under 60)…Red;  Women (60+)…Green
¨      Pairings will be done at random and you will not play with the same team each week.
¨      Must have a current established USGA handicap.
¨      There will be a 5:00 p.m. shotgun start each week
¨      Entry fee: $30 per person (one time fee).
¨      Members may walk (no charge) or ride ($8.00).
¨      Non-members $16.00 (includes cart).
¨      Money (in certificates to the golf shop) will be pooled and distributed on the last day of the league. 
¨      Immediately after play please SIGN and put the OFFICIAL scorecard in the blue box on the front porch. Results will be posted on Friday. No card no points.
¨      Points: Your team will receive points based on how you finish each week. Your team is guaranteed 2-points for just playing, finishing each round, and turning in scorecard.
¨      Pay out:  The pay out will be in gift certificates to the golf shop.  The teams with the most points (top 30-40% based on full field) receive their share of the prize pool based on the percentage of the total point distribution of these teams.
¨      Substitutions: A player can be substituted throughout the year only if that person has a current established handicap. The replacement player will only receive 90% of their handicap when figuring that days team handicap. For handicap purpose only: If your substitute team shoots higher than your original teams average your team will receive a score equal to your team’s average.
¨     No shows: If you do not play, your team will receive a score equal to the lowest of your last four rounds.
¨      Slow Play: If your group falls two holes behind, the entire group will be penalized two strokes. This will be done without warning. The strokes will be added the next day before posting.  No matter who is at fault.

Example of points per team per week

(points are based on the number of groups participating, EXAMPLE BELOW IS BASED ON 18 TEAMS))
1st        20 points                    11th       9 points                                           
2nd       18 points                    12th       8 points                   
3rd       17 points                    13th       7 points                   
4th        16 points                    14th       6 points                   
5th        15 points                    15th       5 points                   
6th        14 points                    16th       4 points                               
7th        13 points                    17th       3 points                   
8th        12 points                    18th       2 points                   
9th        11 points                                           
10th     10 points                                            

Brothers United

April 9, 2016

Invitation only